Ultrasound the Diagnostic Test of Choice?

Should ultrasound be the diagnostic test of choice or used interchangeably with nerve conduction studies in the diagnosis of CTS? Ultrasound has been a tool in search of business as far as I can discern. The only nerve in the body where the ultrasound has seemingly been useful for a…

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Golf Cart Driving Injuries

Golf Cart Driving Injuries May Increase Your Handicap I have experienced poor driving behavior by my 16-year-old son with a golf cart- I was thrown out and the cart wheel hit my ankle. Another time we were mired in mud off the path. A four-year study from the University of…

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Golfers Repair Your Rotator Cuff

Are You a Golfer with Shoulder Pain? By Dr. Dolf R. Ichtertz, Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute I frequently treat golfers having difficulty with shoulder pain. In my last blog I wrote about a delay in treatment and how it affects the outcome using nerve entrapment syndromes as an example.…

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